Portable Digital A/V Recorder

Inside the MV-PDVR is a powerful video processor providing real time recording and
playback of video data using Wavelet Algorithm which can be achieved with gracefully
eye-pleasing image quality degradation. Now crystal quality image recording and playback
at up to 30-frames per second(NTSC) or 25-frames per second(PAL) is a reality.
The MV-PDVR equips with a 20GB HDD and provides 30 FPS with maximum 22 hours
recording time. An ideal solution for portable uses like buses, rail cars, police cars or
other public safety vehicles use.
The MV-PDVR offers five exciting new features: Small and Compact size, Anti-Vibration,
Wavelet compression technology, slow motion in playback mode, extreme fast rewind
speed, high resolution mode (NTSC 720x486 pixels; PAL 720x576 pixels), and excellent

• Single channel video input/ output connectors
• Equips one standard IDE hard disk, storage capacity: 20 GB
• Multiple recording rates from 0.5 up to 30 pictures per second
• Recording modes: continuous recording overwrite mode or non overwrite
• Remote Viewer software allows download of recorded images on a PC

Packaged with:

MV-PDVR Digital Video Recorder unit
Power cables
110V~220V Adapter
Cable to Camera
A complete instruction manual
DC 12V Power Adapter (Connect to the vehicle 12 volt DC cigarette socket)
Cable to Monitor
Remote viewer software (a compact disc)
RS232 Cable
Quick Installation Guide
User's Manual

Pricing and choices
MV-PDVR $ Call for pricing

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