Outdoor Insulated Housings for Video Surveillance System
OUTDOOR "Insulated" Housings for Surveillance Cameras
No need for Heaters & Blowers

Here's the OUTDOOR Enclosures, Brackets & Cameras - ready to go!!
Get real time surveillance video around your buildings or property that can be connected to a monitor, VCR or TV.

hsg with mount kit

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sideshot w/ mount

open cam installed

housing partly closed

with housing closed

showing installed cam

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typical B/W & Colour Cams with lens options

Camera connections

These very rugged Metal Outdoor enclosures are hermetically sealed and insulated. By using insulated housings there is no need for heaters & blowers... the heat from the operating cameras is enough to keep the units warm through most cold weather conditions. Enclosures are prewired with coaxial & power supply cables. Access doors for installing cameras are weatherproofed. The enclosures have a sliding pullout tray for simple camera installations.
General Info.

  • All Aluminum construction guage 11.
  • Lexan Plastic Window is 3/16 ".
  • Camera is easily accessible for service and installation.
  • Light weight & tamper proof.
  • Various Mounting Options.
  • No Heater or Blower required.
  • Completely insulated with AK board Fiber-Glass - 2.5 cm / 1" thick.

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