MV 324 - Stand-Alone-Video-Phone (TM) - "no PC needed"
Micro Video (TM) Products

Use your home TV (or any A/V monitor) & a standard Phone to get into the world of Visual Communication !
MV324 is the first Easy-to-Use, affordable video phone that conforms to H.324 standard.

It's all you need for Video Conferencing - MV 324 has everything you need to do video conferencing. It comes with a built-in high quality digital camera, a high speed modem and a state-of-the-art audio/video hardware codec. That's right! They are all packed into a single compact videophone box!

Easy Installation - When you unpack MV 324, all you need to do is to plug in the power cord, TV cable, phone line and phone set. Then, you are ready to get connected, visually, to anyone in the world who has an H.324 standard Videophone system.

Getting Started - The operation of MV 324 is incredibly easy and intuitive. Just place a regular phone call. After the destination answers the phone, press two buttons on the telephone keypad and the video conferencing is up and running.

Video Screen Shots

Hookup Two Units

Hookup Diagram
Pic of Back - Model with VGA Monitor Option©
System Requirement

TV (with A/V input recommended or Thru your VCR A/V inputs), Telephone line, Telephone set (Cordless works great)

MV324 Stand-Alone-Video-Phone (TM) $549 US
MV324 with VGA Monitor use option $call$
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