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# MV-PeepHole
Peep Hole Door Video Camera

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Drill a 1/2" or 13 mm. Hole into a Door up to 1 3/4 " thick - Slip Camera in - Your Done!!
- Or remove your present plain peephole and Replace with this system!

  1. View what's (or who is) outside your door - see on your TV monitor & record on your VCR

    A Great Gift for Shut-Ins or people with Impaired Mobility
  2. Real CCD - solid state video sensor ("NOT" Low res. / low sensitivity CMOS type sensor)
  3. Ultra small size allows for simple application and installation
  4. Automatically adjusting iris - for varying light levels

Camera Specifications:

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MV-PeepHole Video Cam .........w/ hsg, wiring & instructions $269 US
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