Micro Video Products "MV324-AE"
Video Surveillance over ordinary Phone Lines - at Home, Business or Industry

The MV324AE is a multipurpose video Surveillance platform using Plain Old Telephone line connections.
A non-stop watchdog for your precious property.

For Example:
- Connect 4 video cameras (even miniature "covert" ones) to the MV324AE, connect it to the local phone line -

Then, from any plain phone jack in the world - you will be capable of remote surveillance - OBSERVE the front door , the back door, the cash register & the loading dock, the kids or the backyard - all through one phone line!!

The advanced architecture of the MV324AE implements four independent video input channels.
This allows some amazing cost-effective solution for observation, surveillance or monitoring of remote locations.


Specifications - Complies with ITU - T H.324 standard



Network Interface

  • Phone Line Connector: RJ-11 (a regular telephone jack)
  • Transmission speed (Max.): 33.6Kbps - modem bult-in
  • Diagnostic: LED indication on card, Self test

  • Micro Video (TM) Products
  • One Mill Line Road
  • Bobcaygeon, Ontario
  • Canada K0M 1A0
  • Phone: (705) 738-1755 Fax: 738-5484
  • http://www.microvideo.ca

View of  Connections © View with 4 cams © Click Here For a Diagram of Typical Setup

MV324AE $549 US
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